Our Services


“Our caring and knowledgeable nurses help our clients understand and manage their health. Our nurses play a critical role in helping people stay out of the hospital, by recognizing and addressing potential health concerns early on.  A skilled nurse will come to your home to assist in the set up your medications and explain the purpose of those medications. In addition, if there is a need to contact your physician and pharmacist to make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed, we would be happy to accommodate. Our nurses have expertise in common health issues associated with the aging population, such as diabetes, heart disease, wound care and pulmonary disease. Our nurses will leave you with the best tools and instructions to manage your health.


By coming to your home and thoroughly evaluating you and your surrounding environment, our physical therapists are able to make recommendations to reduce your risk of falling, and increase your independence. This may involve working with you to improve your balance, giving you an exercise program and suggestions for improving safety in the home. Our Physical Therapists utilize a “hands-on” approach and often incorporate manual therapy into your treatment.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists help our clients achieve daily activities in a safe and easy manner. They give our clients helpful tips on easier ways to accomplish day-to-day activities. This may include education on the safest way to bathe, get dressed and make meals. Our Occupational Therapists also have extensive knowledge of equipment that can make tasks effortless, such as shower chairs, long handled sponges and other adaptive equipment.


Our Speech Therapists visit go to our client’s home s and to identify ways to improve their ability to communicate Our Speech Therapists visit our client’s home to identify ways to improve their ability to communicate and/or their ability to eat and swallow. After the initial evaluation,  the therapist will make recommendations related to diet, the need for adaptive equipment and a home exercise program.


Our Medical Social Workers visit our client’s home to provide information about community resources and services that can help keep seniors safe and more independent in their home. This information may include details about the income requirements to qualify for local services. Our Medical Social Workers can also help cope with life changes that come with the aging process.


Our Home Health Aides visit our client’s home to assist with personal care, such as bathing and dressing. By providing assistance as needed, we are able to help our clients perform these important activities safely, while respecting their privacy.

Things we can do for you

At Home Rehab has completed extensive background checks on all staff personnel, including fingerprint and verification of all required licensure/certifications in the state of Michigan. In addition, all of our staff are required to have experience working with older adults, prior to working for At Home Rehab. Our goal is to hire the best clinical staff in the area, who understand the importance of putting the client’s needs first.